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An' I had but one penny in the world, thou shouldst have it to buy gingerbread.
~ Saturday, January 11 ~
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A writer’s brain is full of little gifts, like a piñata at a birthday party. It’s also full of demons, like a piñata at a birthday party in a mental hospital. The truth is, it’s demons that keep a tortured writer’s spirit alive, not Tootsie Rolls. Sure they’ll give you a tiny burst of energy, but they won’t do squat for your writing. So treat your demons with the respect they deserve, and with enough prescriptions to keep you wearing pants.

— From “The Ultimate Guide to Writing Better than You Normally Do”  by Colin Nissan, http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/6hJDaz
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~ Friday, November 22 ~
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~ Wednesday, November 20 ~
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~ Saturday, November 16 ~

Ah! (Millamant’s monologue)

Vanity! No—I’ll fly and be followed to the last moment; though I am upon the very verge of matrimony, I expect you should solicit me as much as if I were wavering at the grate of a monastery, with one foot over the threshold. I’ll be solicited to the very last; nay, and afterwards. Oh, I hate a lover that can dare to think he draws a moment’s air independent on the bounty of his mistress. There is not so impudent a thing in nature as the saucy look of an assured man confident of success: the pedantic arrogance of a very husband has not so pragmatical an air. Ah, I’ll never marry, unless I am first made sure of my will and pleasure. I’ll lie a-bed in a morning as long as I please. And d’ye hear, I won’t be called names after I’m married; positively I won’t be called names—Ay, as “wife,” “spouse,” “my dear,” “joy,” “jewel,” “love,” “sweet-heart,” and the rest of that nauseous cant, in which men and their wives are so fulsomely familiar—I shall never bear that. Good Mirabell, don’t let us be familiar or fond, nor kiss before folks, like my Lady Fadler and Sir Francis; nor go to Hyde Park together the first Sunday in a new chariot, to provoke eyes and whispers, and then never be seen there together again, as if we were proud of one another the first week, and ashamed of one another ever after. Let us never visit together, nor go to a play together, but let us be very strange and well-bred. Let us be as strange as if we had been married a great while, and as well-bred as if we were not married at all. I must be at liberty to pay and receive visits to and from whom I please; to write and receive letters, without interrogatories or wry faces on your part; to wear what I please, and choose conversation with regard only to my own taste; to have no obligation upon me to converse with wits that I don’t like, because they are your acquaintance, or to be intimate with fools, because they may be your relations. Come to dinner when I please, dine in my dressing-room when I’m out of humor, without giving a reason. To have my closet inviolate; to be sole empress of my tea-table, which you must never presume to approach without first asking leave. And lastly, wherever I am, you shall always knock at the door before you come in. These articles subscribed, if I continue to endure you a little longer, I may by degrees dwindle into a wife.”

 - from The Ways of the World by William Congreve

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~ Wednesday, November 13 ~

Had some fun today on my birthday walk… at the Etang des Enfants Noyés. There is a legend that three brothers drowned there in the early 1700s, but it is also possible that the name is merely a transliteration of the family name Verdonck, the name of the miller who allegedly once had a mill at the pond, and when he died his children inherited it. “Kinderen Verdroncken” translates literally as “the drowned children”. Believe it or not, but it is not a spooky place and it is one of my favourite places to walk.

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~ Saturday, October 26 ~
ceci n’est pas une cuisine turned 3 today!

ceci n’est pas une cuisine turned 3 today!

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